Unique Heat Next Review


Unique Heat Next Generation Portable Infrared Space Heater Review

The work on a unique patented infrared heat technology. It will change the way you think about portable heaters. Traditional heater burns moisture (humidity) from the air. It dries off the skin and could leave your sinuses in pain.

Unique heat next generation portable infrared space heater pampers warm air towards you keeping the air comfortably moist. This gadget runs on the latest infrared technology. This is a great portable heater, though if youre looking for something less portable we would recommend you to check out this heater.

Read on to know more about the specifications of this unique infrared heater.


  • Power: The unit produces enough power to heat 1000 square feet space. It can work on 3 settings: Fahrenheit, Celsius and Levels 1-13.
  • Cost – efficient: By using this unique infrared heater, you end up saving lots of money on your oil and gas bills. The infrared heater is also accompanied with a remote control for manual control.
  • Design and material: The sleek and sophisticated designed unique infrared heater is a well-built gadget. It has a non-combustible safety that prevents any accident or miss-happening. The heater is also protected against overheating. The wonderful infrared technology of the unique heater keeps your living space exceptionally warm, yet it does not let the surrounding air dry by keeping moisture intact. This product works great for people who suffer from allergy and sinus issues. This portable power house can heat up to 1000 square feet of the area. Unlike ordinary heaters it does not burst air towards the ceiling. It aims towards you and your family and sends heat to the front level. The compact gadget weighs 15lbs and can be saved in any small space.
  • Portability: The infrared heater has got convenient handles to carry it from one room to another. Moreover, its body never gets heated and you can carry it without fear of getting burnt.
  • Price: The unique device is wallet friendly and is available at a very reasonable price.


  • The Unique infrared heater works quietly and efficiently.
  • This simple to use gadget produces lots of heat.
  • The outside of the heater stays at normal temperature. You can comfortably use it with kids or pets.
  • It includes an optional air purifier too. You can turn it on or off according to your will.
  • The air filter of infrared filter is easily removable and washable.
  • This infrared heater is accompanied with a remote for convenient usage.
  • The heater is well-made and is portable.


  • You might experience slight burning or chemical smell when you use it for the first time.

Unique Heat Next Generation Heater Review Verdict:

Overall, infrared heaters are counted as the healthier options. It never causes flaky eyes and itchy skin. This unique concept will make a difference in the way you spend your winters.

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