Types of Electric Heaters

Electric heating is probably the simplest way to keep your home warm. It overcomes central heating system in many ways. Firstly, electricity is readily available and secondly, electric heaters are simple to use. You can simply plug them in and use them whenever and wherever you want. Turning up the main thermostat of the heater will simply turn around your electricity into heat energy.

Several types of electric heaters are available in the market but all have their unique pros and cons. We have listed basic 4 types of heaters which you can pick according to your space and atmosphere. When you find the type you want, be sure to check our handy heater buyers guide! Here is a description:

Electric wall heaters

Wall heaters are specially designed for confined spaces. These supplement heating devices works well in limited space like bathrooms or small kitchens. It can be recessed in between the wall cavities of two walls. Usually they are convection style heaters that run on the power of motorized fans. A few models also use silent radiant heat that has electric coils and reflective back panels. All of these models have in-built thermostats.

Do not install these heaters on exterior walls because you can face condensation problem when hot metal touches cold wall.

Electric Wall Heater

Electric Baseboard Heaters

A look alike of hydronic (hot water) baseboard heater but it does not use water. It uses electric heating coils if convection is non-motorized. Baseboard heaters do not have any room for proportionate or effective cooling and let nature play its role. In baseboard heaters, air is warmed by heating coils and fins. This warm air locates in the top slot of the heating unit. You can place this heating unit beneath the window to counter heat loss through glass.

The baseboard heater can be controlled by the remote line voltage thermostat or sometimes it is integrated with thermostat control. Remember to keep the unit clear and unobstructed by furniture to get the best performance.

Toe-kick or Kick-space Heaters

These heaters are ideal for limited spaces. You can easily fit these kick-space heaters. You can accommodate this 3.5 inch high heater in 4 inch toe space under cabinets and vanities. The proportions of the kick-space heaters allow the use of motorized fans to distribute warm air.

Use this heater as a supplement source of heat for best performance. Most of the models of these heaters have the option of built-in thermostat but some have remote line voltage thermostat.

Electric Cove Heaters

The heaters that use direct radiant heat (infrared heat), are known to provide maximum comfort. Such heaters are known as electric cove heaters.

Electric Cove Heater

As we know that radiant heat does not heat the air but the objects directly like your tile, work, tub etc. The radiant energy of the panel warms the objects directly. Being the source of radiant energy, electric cove heaters can be placed anywhere. You can place it on the wall near the ceiling or hang it at any required height.

Apart from its unique construction and usage it is similar to normal heaters in the context of remote line voltage thermostat.