Space Heater Tips

Electric heaters are sort of must for those who live in chilly areas. People out there definitely need extra warmth during days and nights. It is actually time to turn on your heaters when Jack Frost comes nipping your nose.

Electric heaters are quite valuable investments. They do not only help you to live your life comfortably but helps in saving energy efficiently. Buying and plugging electric heater is a very easy task but using it efficiently is quite important.

According to some researches, a lot of accidental deaths are caused by using your electrical equipments unsafely. Whatever be the reason, it is very important to use electric space heaters efficiently so that you can stay toasty warm safely without any fear.

We have listed a few positioning and safety tips so that you can enjoy uninterrupted warmth in the chilly atmosphere.

Safety Tips

Let us start from a few safety tips to keep your life safe.

Electric heaters should be kept at a minimum distance of 3 feet from any such thing that can catch fire. For egs: bed sheet, beddings, furniture, carpets or curtains.

Do not use a space heater in kid’s room ever. Make a special kid free and pet free zone around the heater at a radius of 3 feet from the heater.

Do not use extension cords with the electric heaters. Run the wires over the carpet and step over them to avoid any kind of abrasion. These abrasions may lead to some minor or severe incident. If you are going out of the room or going to sleep, it is important to turn off the heater.

Avoid using space heaters in the moist or damp areas as it may lead to any kind of mis happening. A few heaters are specifically designed to deal with such incidences so it is okay to use them for such areas. It is not advised to put the space heaters on the countertop unless the heater is designed with this particular feature.

It is important to install smoke and carbon mono-oxide alarms in your heater and to get them checked once every month. There is an independent organization that marks for the safety of the heater and that is known as “UL”. It is important to check this UL listing before you buy the product. The UL testing confirms the safety of the space heater.

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Positioning Tips

Apart from these safety tips, a few positioning tips are also associated with the electric heaters. Let us have a look at them all.

Electric heaters are designed to use in confined spaces. Do not try to use them for heating entire room. In a room, place it where it will be most useful like around your bed, chair or desk.

Place them away from flammable materials and one or two feet away from the wall. Remember to create that 3feet buffer zone for small kids and pets.

Do not let it come in contact with any liquids.