Pura Flame 9” Clara Mini Electric Fireplace Heater Review

Pura Flame Clara mini fireplace heater is a freestanding heater. It features real looking fire and it can be used with or without heat to provide additional ambiance and comfort.

This real looking fireplace can warm up to 400 sq feet room. It is a temporary source of extra heat and can heat your rooms, dorms, offices and homes. The mini fireplace adds extra comfort and coziness to your space.

It is a personalized heating solution to warm your place without putting any extra effort. This is a perfect gadget to enhance your home décor. It provides you home a fashionable and clean look.

Let us move forward to get to know about the construction and technical features of this heater.


  • Design and material: Available in three colors: red, black and white. The front of the heating gadget is made up from heavy metal vent. On the bottom of the gadget there is a filter that blocks dust effectively. It features tip-over and overheating protection. The dimensions of this heating gadget are 9 x 5.7 x 12 inch (l x w x h). The Clara mini electric fireplace heater features an adjustable thermostat that helps in maintaining the required temperature. It has a 6 feet long power cord which helps you to place it literally anywhere. The visual effect is created with the help of LED lights, the flames on this screen look very realistic.
  • Power: One of the most perfect heating gadgets, Clara mini electric fireplace heater consumes 1250 watt of power. The company has backed up the product with a warranty of one year.
  • Cost –efficient: With a power consumption of 1250 watt to warm up a space of 400 square feet, it is safe to say that this heater is wallet friendly.
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    Portability: This mini electric fireplace is a compactly designed product. It has a handle on its back which makes it easy to move, store and transport. Perfect suited for larger spaces, this heating gadget heats up your large space instantly.
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    Price: This amazingly looking and powerful heater comes at a very reasonable price.

If these features aren’t what you were looking for, be sure to check out our full review on the most popular handy heaters!

  • The flames of this fireplace are very realistic.
  • It is so easy to install this fireplace.
  • This fireplace has great flexibility plus flame and ember effects.
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    The fireplace heats up your place very quietly.
  • The white fireplace has a black power cord which does not really fit the rest of its design.
  • Some buyers have reported it can be tricky to find batteries for the remote of this fireplace.
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    The surface of the heater is hot while it is in use. Do not use it bare hand during that time.

Remember to keep paper, fabric and combustible material at least 3 feet away from the heater to avoid any accidents.

Other than that this is a great gadget and if you read this far were sure you won’t be disappointed by this greater handy heater! Though, if you are truly craving the best heater out there, check out this handy heater before you decide.

Some of the testimonials:


Adore my space heater. Live in an RV, and it is perfect. The "flames" are incredible for not being real. You can do heat, flame only, or both. Most importantly, the auto shut-off feature is extremely sensitive.

Sarah Ax


beware on any 15 amp line that it may trip breakers. The heat can be felt 5 feet away in front but not on the sides. The entire unit case is cool to the touch other than the actual bottom front grille. I prefer quartz but anyone with kids or pets this may be a safe option, just have plenty of power and nasal spray!


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