Ontel Products Corp Heater Tested

Everyone wants to beat the cold outside but there are people who do not like the mess of wires and cords caused by heaters. Most of the heaters cannot be mounted on the wall and need an extra space to put them up. If you are one of these persons, a handy heater probably comes as a big relief for you.

Getting a programmable handy heater is no less than a blessing. It can easily warm your space and makes you comfortable. This programmable handy heater can continuously work for 12 hours without needing your attention. You need to restart it once every 12 hours. Be sure to check out our buyers guide on handy heaters to compare this one to the other popular heaters out there!

Read on to know more about the Ontel Corp handy heater plug-in.


  • Design and material: The Ontel Corp handy heater is a plug-in device so it has wonderful space saving and compactness feature. Made from a reliable thermostat, this heater is a perfect gadget to warm the space up to 250 sq ft. The thermostat keeps it working for many years. It is loaded with a safety feature too, which automatically shuts down if overheated to avoid any kind of burn or delay. This compact heater is a perfect gift for those who live or work in a small space for example a small cubicle, recording room, photo developing room, crafts room, computer lab, a mini lab or cubicle.
  • Power: It uses a power source of 350 W of energy which is quite economical. With varying weather conditions, you can select between the two options of low or high heating. The heater heats up the space quickly and works quietly. It does not even produce a humming or buzzing sound.
  • Cost –efficient: The heater is not only compact and space-saving; it saves up on your costs too. The running cost of this device is low and wallet friendly. It consumes a minimum power and hence keeps your electricity bill low.
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    Portability: The plug-in heater is highly portable. It can be used anywhere, anytime. The best part is you can even carry it along while travelling; whether you are going on a vacation or having a weekend outdoor. If in case your central heating malfunctions, this device is very dependable.
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    Price: The initial cost of this plug-in water heater is quite low. One can easily buy this portable device without using up his savings. The device is accompanied with a remote as well.
  • The Ontel Corp handy heater is quite compact.
  • As per Amazon product reviews, 202 customers have rated this product with 3.4 star-rating.
  • It is very lightweight and portable.
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    It works noiselessly so that you can enjoy your sound sleep.
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    The heater has an adjustable thermostat to adjust the temperature as per requirements.
  • Users have reported that the thermostat is not as accurate as it could be.
  • It is not at all suitable for large spaces.

On the whole, though these heaters are very small and compact yet they are perfect for small spaces. It’s a good heater that will do the job if you aren’t looking to heat a huge room. If you still haven't decided yet we would advice you to check this heater out, as its also a great budget heater.

Some of the testimonials:


I received it yesterday and this compact heater REALLY puts out some heat. I also love the thermostat and timer features. If you are in the market for a compact heater this is your product. I would recommend this to everyone.

Cleveland Anthony


I have several of these heaters, and I got the first one over a year ago. They have several nice features, such as auto shut off, 2 speed fan, and thermostatic control. They are low wattage, which is a mixed blessing. You can plug them in anywhere, and not worry about tripping a breaker. 


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