Myths About Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are technically sound appliances and have been introduced around a decade ago. Electric heaters are marketed as “cheap”, “low installation cost”, “more efficient” etc etc. It is quite important to bust all the myths.

We have tried to bust a few major issues related to electric heaters.

Electric heating is 100% efficient

Electric heaters are generally popularized as 100% efficient. They say that 100% of electrical energy is converted into heat. The statement is partially right. Though 100% electrical energy is converted into heat but a significant loss (around 7%) occurs when electricity is distributed to your homes.

Moreover, electricity is generated from burning woods and coal and a significant amount of heat energy is wasted in the process. If the energy is created from wind turbines or solar energy, only then we can call it 100% efficient.

Electric heating is cheap

This is the biggest myth prevailing in the market. Electric heating is among the most expensive form of generating heat. It costs too high when compared with gas, woods or any other kind of fuels. There is a significant difference in per kWh price of gas and electricity.

Turn electric heater on for just 15 minutes

The heaters which can heat up the space only by working for 25% of time in an hour consume much more energy for 15 minutes. The reason behind the fact is that the heaters need to generate heat instantly.

It follows a simple formula of thermodynamics. A same size of room will need the same amount of energy to attain a certain temperature either it takes 15 minutes or an hour, the energy consumption will be same.

Hence, it is a complete lie.

Space Heater

Electrical heating is clean and easy to use

Yes, the statement is true. Electric heaters work cleanly and are easy to use. You can just plug them in and enjoy the warmth. But it does not mean that other sources of heat are not clean and difficult to operate. Gas and oil heaters are equally clean and easy to operate. The major difference among all of them is their cost of running.

Electric heaters require no maintenance

This statement is clearly untrue. Though you can say that electric heaters do not need any regular maintenance but they can also face breakdown. Electric heaters may need the help of technicians and mechanics.

Benefits of electric heaters

Radiant heat is more effective than air heating

It is a partially true statement. Though it is true that heat emitted in the form of Infra red rays when absorbed by objects and people sitting in the front of heater makes them warm. But if the same heat gets absorbed by the air, it will disperse in the whole room and will make it warm.

These types of heaters are effective only when you are standing in front of them. If you move to the sides, you will not experience any heat. Convection is better as it heats up whole of the room.