Lifesmart Medium Room Infrared Heater Review

Winter is coming. How could you be prepared without a heater? The Lifesmart medium room infrared heater is the latest developed technique in context of portable heating.

It is very important to keep your homes heated properly otherwise the pipes can burst from cold and it could be hazardous. The problem with traditional heaters is that they can cause dryness in your skin and throat. Infrared heaters are based on the latest heating technique and have no such side-effects. It is a healthier and economical option to warm up your space. On the other hand, if your looking for a super budget heater this is not the one. For a budget heater we recommend this one.

Read on to know more about the infrared heaters that is based on latest the technique.


  • Design and material: Lifesmart infrared heater is built with 3 superior wrapped quartz heating elements which allows the gadget to produce ample amount of heat. This heating gadget has the capacity to warm up a 150 sq feet area. It spreads heat evenly and smoothly through the whole room without drying up the air. This very smart looking device can give you the feel of lying in a warm quilt. The front metal grill may heat up a bit but the whole sturdy body of the heater remains cool while working. This small sized portable heater is loaded with safety features as well. The remote plays an important role in operating this infrared heater. Its also equipped a 12-hour timer feature.
  • Power: The Lifesmart medium room infrared heater works on three power modes: The first one is economy with a power draw of only 500 watts, second is low which a power draw of 1000 watts and the last one is high mode which draws around 1500 watts.
  • Cost –efficient: You can run it on three modes as per your requirement and can save lots of money. If used correctly, this heating gadget can turn out to be very wallet friendly.
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    Portability: Despite its amazing power the heater is medium-sized and can be easily transported from one room to another.
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    Price: This heating gadget is a great value for money product. It will amaze you with its heating capacity.
  • Lifesmart Medium Room Infrared heater has beautiful wooden exteriors.
  • It works quietly without any audible disturbance.
  • The gadget is accompanied with a large remote that can control all its functions.
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    The best part of this gadget is that it heats up without using any fuel or combustion.
  • It does not heat up instantly.
  • It keeps lit up with bright light while working which could be experienced as obtrusive.
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    The power consumption of this infrared heater is somewhat high on its highest mode.

The Lifesmart medium room infrared heater works like a pro. It has the capability of leaving every user stunned with its powerful heating effect and advanced features. It is a perfect gadget to warm up larger spaces. In short, it is a very good product. 

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Some of the testimonials:


This heater is compact and delivers the same, if not more heat than the Lifesmart I owned last year. It is encased in hard plastic, but always remains cool to the touch. It easily and quickly adds the needed heat to my apartment allowing me to save on propane.

T. Redwood


This is an update. Having used this unit for two years, I must say it is still a favorite purchase. One thing that is very important is to CLEAN the FILTER as needed (more or less often depending on the amount of dust in the room). It is easy to do and will ensure good performance.

David P.

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