Lasko 5165 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control

Tower heaters work better than you might think. The well-built and high quality tower heaters spread hot air evenly around the room at good height. They even have the feature of oscillating that helps in dispersing warmth throughout the room. If you want to compare this heater to other handy heaters, be sure to check out our review on the most popular handy heaters!

This powerful heater is sufficient to warm up a chilly room of average dimensions. It is built in such a way that it covers the risk of overheating and subsequent over-heating.

The heating capability of the heating gadget is smooth and safe. The temperature control settings regulate heating in an even way.

Let us have a look on the technical features of the patented comfort system.


  • Design and Material: The 22.7 inch tall tower heater is made from lightweight plastic and metal. The tower structure gives it a sleek structure. The white color adds to its stylish looks. The inbuilt thermostat works really well. The ceramic component automatically shuts off and restarts when required. The exterior part if the heater remains cool to touch even it is running continuously for hours. It does not need assembly prior using, it can be used straight out of the box. Just plug in the switch and start using it. The heater includes a remote control which makes it very convenient to operate.
  • Power: It uses a maximum power of 1500-watts to provide the comforting warmth. It works on three modes: high power mode, low power mode and automatic mode. It works quietly in all three modes.
  • Cost-efficient: The ceramic tower heater runs on both high and low mode. This way you end up saving sufficient funds.
  • Portability: It can be easily carried to next room or space. Being tall and sleek, it takes a little space on the floor and can be easily kept anywhere like kitchen counter, table top, bathroom or a garage.
  • Price: Lasko digital ceramic power heater is a cheaper alternate to central heating system. It is available at a reasonable price.


  • Lasko tower heater is accompanied with a remote.
  • The low setting of the heating gadget works nice and quiet.
  • It has an inbuilt timer. You can set the times from 1-8 hours when you sleep.
  • It comes with a 3-year international warranty.
  • The best part of this gadget is its thermostat setting. When you set a particular temperature, the gadget automatically turns it on when the room temperature is 1 degree lower than the desired temperature and automatically turns it off when the desired temperature is 3 degrees higher than desired temperature.
  • It has a good height and disperses heat up to a good level.
  • It oscillates and distributes heat equally in other parts of the room as well.


  • When you press any button, you hear a beep. It may irritate.

 It is one of those products you do not have to think much before buying. Lasko digital ceramic tower is an ideal choice to kill the chill out of your room. If you still for some reason have any doubts, check out this heater and afterwards you will know which heater you want.
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