Honeywell HCE100 Heat Bud Ceramic Portable Mini Heater

Who does not love heat? Honeywell ceramic personal heater provides the right amount of heat you need. It is a portable and energy-efficient solution for the chilling weather. It can be perfectly used for all the personal space at home. It can be used anytime in office, home or school.

The simple to use device is a great way to keep you cozy and warm. It comes as fully assembled and you can start using it the moment you receive it. It is attached with a 6-feet long chord which makes it easy to place anywhere. The heat bud of the portable heater is very small and it is perfect to heat a small personal space. If you want to compare this one to other handy heaters, be sure to check out our reviews on the best handy heaters.

Read on to know more about the features of Honeywell Heat bud Ceramic portable mini heater.


  • Design and material: The personal heater is designed from ceramic technology. It is a pretty and cute looking two hand high heater portable heaters which is available in four beautiful colors- black, red, white and green. Due to its tiny size, it takes very less space and can be kept anywhere. You can even keep it under your table or besides your bed. It has an inbuilt mechanism that shuts off the ceramic plate automatically against overheating. It prevents the risk of burning and keeps it safe. You will fall for its size and color.
  • Power: The heater works on two settings- low that is 170-Watt and high that is 250-Watt. The 1 button manual control of the heating gadget is easy to use. Honey portable personal heater is known to provide fast and even heating.
  • Cost –efficient: The heating gadget is quiet energy efficient. It uses only 250-watt power at maximum. The use of this minimum power reduces its running cost.
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    Portability: The small sized heater is easy to carry. It is lightweight and you can carry it to your work and while travelling. You can easily slip it in your back pack.
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    Price: The tiny portable personal heater is available at a very nominal price. One can easily afford to buy a separate one for his office cubicle. It is a very effective heating solution for its price.
  • It works noiselessly without creating any disturbance.
  • Though it is just two feet high, it is not small to warm your room.
  • This compact sized, pretty heater is best for personal usage.
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    Electricity consumption of this device is very low.
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    The housing of the gadget never gets heated and it has been provides with a tip cover protection.
  • The heater is good enough to warm your hands or the portion in front of heater. It cannot warm your full body.
  • It works only up to the distance of 4-inches. You do not feel anything beyond that.

On the whole, it is one of the best budget heaters to own to kill the chill. Use it in your office cubicle, kitchen or small working space. It will never disappoint you. Though we would like to recommend you to check the Lasko 754200 heater out before you buy, because its a great budget heater as well.

Some of the testimonials:


We are in the middle of winter now and my wife has been a little cold at work, so she was especially happy to get this cute little red Honeywell Heat Bud Ceramic Personal Heater.

Kendall Gilles


This little heater works exactly as promised. My office has circuit issues, and anyone using a standard 12 amp heater would always shut the power off after a while--this only uses 2 amps! That's the same amount of power in any standard phone charger. It does not have a thermostat, but also does not get extremely hot due to its size.


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