Holmes Quartz Tower Heater Review

Holmes quartz tower heater can change the way you feel about winters. The best part of using this tower heater is that it keeps you warm. You can locate it in any part of your room and can simply enjoy its warmth.

Though the size of this heater is very small yet it can keep your room warm efficiently. It endorses a sleek and stylish professional look and you can rely on it for the heating requirements of your home.

Holmes provides you with state-of-the art heaters. With their WeMo technology, you can control its settings; you can adjust temperature and receives alerts anytime, anywhere. If you want to compare this heater to other handy heaters, be sure to check out our Handy Heater Buyers guide.


Holmes Quartz Tower Heater

Holmes Quartz Tower Heater

  • Design and material: The ergonomic design of the Holmes water heater is has a sturdy built. The body is built from plastic which never gets heated. It endorses auto safety shut-off and tip-over protection that helps in preventing accidents. With all the safety features, you can use this heater without any worries. The effective room heater works rapidly in truly cold winters.
  • Power: This tower heater is loaded with eco-smart energy saving technology. The energy saving is based up on the cycling between low and high energy settings. The thermostat of the tower heater is adjustable and its lets you decide the precise amount of heat you require. The max flow heating system of the Holmes tower heater is supported by two quartz tubes. Holmes offer 24-hour running time of the tower heater.
  • Cost –efficient: The smart device has the ability to work on 4 settings. You can choose between high, low, eco and frost-protection.
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    Portability: Holmes tower heater is small, compact and extremely portable. Because of its in built handles, it is easy to carry it around. You can even carry it along in your car while you are travelling. It is efficient for outdoors because it takes up little space.
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    Price: Holmes quartz water heater is available at a very good price.
  • Holmes quartz tower heater radiates warmth quickly.
  • The floor where you put the heater never gets hot.
  • The radiant heat of the Holmes quartz tower heater does not cause dryness or itching in eyes or skin.
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    Holmes quartz radiant heater has an elongated shape which conveniently fits behind your office chair in the cubicle.
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    The plastic housing of the heater does not heat up with the increasing warmth of the heater. It keeps your kids and pets safe.
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    A remote control accompanies the heater that adds to user’s convenience.
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    It has inbuilt handles so that you can carry it around easily.
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    The temperature control feature of the heater is amazing.
  • The rubber feet could be better attached to the base of the heater.
  • The front grills of the heater can get a bit hot an uncomfortable to touch.
  • Some users express that the Holmes quartz tower heater is a bit noisy.

All in all this is a great heater. If you on the other hand want the truly best heater out there, check out the Lifesmart Medium Room Infrared Heater.

Some of the testimonials:


I already have two of these. I love it so much, I'm buying a third. I have one running beside me right now. Great flexibility in temperature adjustment. Also, if you just want it to stay on and blow heat without stopping, it will. It quickly warms a small room. I have one in my office at work that is shared with one other person.



This is my 2nd heater from Holmes, just like the first one. The first one quit working on high, simply because after 4 years of continuous running, I think the inside is filled with dust from the intake. This heater is exceptional in that it does not blow heat at you or on you. It actually radiates it like the sun.

J. Jentz

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