Holmes Portable Desktop Heater Review

Holmes presents you with a small, well-built and smart heater that adds both style and comfort to your home. The appearance of this handy heater is quite appealing and it keeps your home warm and cozy. A great companion for your RV or car, as it helps you to curb heating cost.

An ideal gadget for cool, air-conditioned environments, Holmes portable desktop heater keeps you warm all year around. It perfectly suits heating small living areas and offices. If youre not sure that a portable heater is what you want, we recommend you to check out this handy heater comparison for multiple reviews of the most popular handy heaters on the market.


  • Design and material: Holmes portable desktop heater is designed for your comfort and convenience. It is tip-over and cool housing touch prevents the risk of overheating. With these safety features, you can use this gadget confidently. Equipped with an adjustable thermostat, it includes easy to use manual controls. It also includes a fan blade that blows across the wire element and throws warm air directly. It is known to heat up the space almost instantly. 
  • Power: The heating gadget can be run on two temperature settings, on its higher setting it uses a maximum power of 1500 watts. It is not only a winter gadget and can be used on fan-only settings.
  • Cost –efficient: It warms up your space very efficiently and automatically turns off when a certain temperature is achieved. The running cost of this heater is wallet-friendly.
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    Portability: Holmes portable and personal heater has an opening at the back and top of its body to grab it. The handle doesn’t get hot so it can be carried without any problems of burning your hand. This integrated carrying handle adds to its portability. Moreover, it is light enough to carry around house or bring it to work.
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    Price: This perfect gadget for your personal spaces is available at a very reasonable price. Use it in your washroom, office cubicle or in your study. It will keep you warm and cozy. It blows hot air every few minutes to keep your space perfectly suited.
  • This extremely small gadget keeps your space warm and cozy.
  • The product has bagged a 3.9 star rating by 1214 satisfied handy heater customer reviews. This good star rating ensures the good quality and heating capacity of the heater.
  • It works efficiently. The heat is fan forced and the swivels in every direction.
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    The ceramic plate stops working if overheated or reached at right temperature.
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    This perfect gadget does not dry out your nose and throat.
  • The fan of the portable heater is a bit loud.
  • It is an analog style design with no digital readings.
  • Times Hexagon
    According to customer reports the thermostat of the gadget does not always work accurately.

Holmes portable desktop heater is a well suited gadget for personal usage. You can use it conveniently anywhere you want to and even carry it along while travelling. It is one of the safest heating gadgets around you and can be used without any worry. If your looking for a less mobile and more powerful heater, we recommend you to check out this heater.

Some of the testimonials:


I've had this this heater in my office for 6yrs+ and it has been a great companion. Finally, after 6 warm years together, it finally decided it had had enough. I order another just like it the same day it stopped working, and Amazon had the new one to me the very next day.

Christi C


Over 6 years ago, I purchased a Holmes heater just like this one for my bedroom because I was tired of having to keep the furniture away from the baseboard heater. It worked so well, I went out and bought two more to heat the rest of the house. 


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