Plug-in Personal Heater 142598 Tested

One of the most sought out home gadget in the category of small and compact personal heaters; this plug in space heater is more than a blessing for the people living in chilly areas. Handy heater 142598 has the capability to heat up small spaces efficiently and conveniently.

The working of this plug-in personal heater is simple. You just need to plug-in this personal heater near you so that the warm heat can flow near you to make you more comfortable in your surroundings. The warmth of the mini heater is sufficient for a single person. It digitally controls the temperature of the surroundings. Click here to see a comparision of handy heaters.

This plug-in handy heater is best suited for travelers or instant warmth. Read on to know more about the features and working of this handy heater.


  • Design and material: The innovative heating technology of this reliable device is best suited for instant travel. It takes almost no space on the floor. A small socket is sufficient to install this personal plug-in device because it is not bulky at all. There is a digital LED display on the plug-in portable device that displays the temperature. The dimensions of the device are 4.6 by 5.8 by 8 inches and its weight is only 1.4 pound.
  • Power: Handy heater 142598 plug-in personal heaters uses exceptionally less amount of energy in the comparison of standard conventional heaters. The powerful devices provide you with comforting heat. This plug-in heater can be programmed with up to 12 hour timer that can save power by going off automatically. The heater provides you with a temperature range of 16 to 32 degree Celsius. Handy heater plug-in device takes 350 watt of power to heat up 250 square feet area.
  • Cost –efficient: The small size, efficiency and power of this portable heater are a great combination. This value for money product is wallet friendly. It heats up quickly and blows the air speedily for one or two persons.
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    Portability: The hassle-free, instant comfort providing is exceptionally portable. When placed on the floor, it hardly takes up a space of 250 square feet. It works perfectly in bedrooms, bathrooms, office cabins and garages.
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    Price: Looking at its temperature range and unraveled results, the device is worth for its amount.
  • Handy heater 142598 plug-in personal heater is compact and portable. You can easily carry around this lightweight device and use it wherever you want.
  • This plug-in personal heater works noiselessly. You can feel it only by its warmth and can never detect it from its noise.
  • The plug-in device also includes a thermostat which can be used to adjust the temperature.
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    The device is perfectly suited for confined and compact space.
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    The optimum efficient devices virtually take almost negligible space.
  • It cannot work in larger spaces.
  • There is a small risk of overheating involved with this device. It is advised to do not let it plug-in for longer intervals. If so, keep an eye on it.

All in all this cheap heater does its job, but its clearly not the best one out there. If your looking for a truly premium heater, chick out this heater.

Some of the testimonials:


This heater is ideal for a small space. We use it in the bathroom as my wife takes her bath. As a handicapped person, she has a caregiver to assist, and easily gets cold during the bath---but this heater fills the bill without raising the thermostat in the entire house--- or during days when the A/C is running, it helps balance the temperature in the bathroom.

W Moore


there are 3 of us at work who are cold all the time, and this little baby really throws some nice heat with tripping any breakers...even if all 3 of us are running at the same time. I also bought an extra one to put in powder room at home - all my holiday guests loved it and most were going to order.

Lisa Roth

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