Electric Heaters Vs oil heaters

Staying warm is a top priority for any household in chilly areas. Heaters are the supplement source of heat that helps you in keeping warm and comfortable.

Household heaters can be categorized into various types. Electric and oil heaters are two major types. Both have their own pros and cons. Both are different in many aspects. To compare different heaters, check our buyers guide on popular handy heaters!

electric heaters vs oil heaters

We have created a comparison table of both types of heaters considering how quickly they work, their safety measures and their weight.

  • Function: Although the desired result of both the heaters is same, the functioning of both the heaters is totally different. In oil heaters, the oil passes through hollow columns and circulates through it to maintain its warmth. On the other hand, electric heaters work on electricity and no liquid in includes in it. Just because their working is based on heating metal element, it tends to heat up the space more quickly.
  • Safety: Though any heater can cause injury, electric heaters are considered to have the highest safety risks. The surface of electric heaters tends to be much hotter when compared with oil heaters. The process of combustion takes place in the heaters and it can be too risky if any combustible material is placed near it. Electric heaters work on such a high voltage that they hold a serious potential for danger. Electric heaters can create a major mess if by chance they come in contact of water or fall into a sink or bathtub.
  • Environmental effects:  None of both the heaters possess serious environmental effects. Same oil keep on moving through the pipes of oil heaters and it does not need to be replenished up to a year. The oil removed from oil heaters is toxic and it needs to be disposed of properly. On the contrary, electric heaters do not leave any residuals but due to high cost of electricity, they are too costly to operate.
  • Cost and efficiency: The initial cost of both electric and oil heaters vary too much with different models but there is a significant difference between the working costs of the two. Electric heaters get heated as soon as the electric current enters them and start heating space right from that moment but as soon as the electric current stops, they stop providing heats. The working of oil heaters is a bit different. They take up long time to start but they keep the environment warm long after turning them off.
  • Weight: The weight of oil heaters is much higher when compared with electric heaters. It is so because they are constructed from high durability material to trap the oil in them properly. Secondly, they contain oil which again increases its weight. Electric heaters are quite lightweight. They simply let electricity pass through them without any restriction.
  • Noise: Electric heaters are much noisier than oil heaters. Electric heaters make noises due to constant process of churning out voltage to maintain the heat whereas oil heaters work pretty much silently. The oil once heated keeps warm for a fairly long time.      

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