Electric Heaters Vs Gas Heaters

Since the day electric heaters were invented, the discussion is on – gas or electric heaters? Which one is better? At first place, gas heaters are traditional methods of heating up the space since hundred years and electric heaters are comparatively new. It takes time for new things to get universal acceptance. Secondly, it is not easy for electric heaters to compete with gas heaters in many ways.

Here in this article we are comparing the two most readily available sources of energy. One is natural and one is created from natural resources. You all must be curious to know which one works better for you. 

Electric Heaters vs Gas Heaters

Read on to know about the differences between the two sources of energy.


When it comes to installation, installing a gas furnace at your home is a bigger task. It takes a good stretch of time and professional installment is necessary. You cannot install this quite large and complex system on your own. It also requires a chimney to carry on the combustion process. Remember to add one chimney to your house while installing gas furnace.

Electric heaters are portable and there is no such thing like installing the heater. Simply plug and power the heater whenever you want to use it. The process is easier, faster and you can do it yourself.


The purchase and installing of gas heating system is quite expensive. Though natural gas being economical, the running cost of electric furnace is quite affordable.

The initial cost of electric heaters is very low when compared to gas furnaces. The high cost of electricity increases the running cost of the electric heaters.

Electric Wall Heater


You must have heard of HVAC companies asking for annual maintenance. The companies refer gas furnaces in this statement. Gas fired heaters need annual maintenance performed by professionals in order to work properly throughout the year. Maintenance work of gas heaters is a costly and time consuming process.

On the other hand, there is nothing as such maintaining the electric heaters. It is simple and does not need any expert advice or much effort. It only needs occasional visit to a technician that too in case if it breaks down.


If maintained with regular care, gas heaters can go for 10-20 years easily. But remember for a good number of years, you need to take an extra care of the furnace.

In comparison with electric furnaces, electric heaters are quite durable. They can easily last for 20-30 years which means a longer life than gas heating units.


Safety is a very important aspect when it comes to heaters. There is a potential risk of leakage of carbon mono oxide with gas furnaces. The routine maintenance takes care of the risk of fire or gas leakage. It is advised to install a carbon mono oxide detector on the entrance of the furnace.

Electric heaters include the risk of malfunctioning or catching a fire. Using your heater according to manufacturer’s directions can be really helpful.