Electric Heater vs Central Heating System

In cold areas, almost each home comprise of a central heating system. Central heating system means when heat is distributed throughout the house from a single point and source. It provides warmth to all the interiors of the house and every room included. The working of centralized heating units is simple. It creates a cycle of heating and increasing the temperature of cooler.

Electric heaters are specially designed to warm the confined room or space. This heating technology has become more popular in the last decade. It works on innovative new thermal elements which are fast and effective.

Construction working electric heaters

We have created a point-to-point comparison guide so that you can choose the best product among all. Here are the key points.

  • System losses: Energy loss in the heating system is a major point to consider. In central heating system, we face a genuine problem of heating whole house rather than single room, but with electric heaters we can warm as much space as we need. Secondly, in central heating system heat is wasted when it travels through pipes. There is as such no wastage in electric heaters. They are 100% efficient.
  • Thermostats-single or multiple: Central heating system has a single thermostat which is located at the center. The accuracy of this thermostat is not reliable as it cannot read the temperature of other areas of house or compound. On the other side, electric heaters need to heat up confined spaces that result in the accurate reading of current temperature.
  • Heat programming: Programming is the key of system losses in central heating units. Central heating systems are pre-programmed to heat up the whole house instead of heating each separate area. It can be turned on and off as a whole by physically switching off the radiator. You can program electric heaters as per your requirement and according to your lifestyle. Electric heaters can also be operated and accessed through remotes. You can even put alarms as per your requirement.
  • Noise: Central heating systems work traditionally and make so much noise while starting off. If you are the one who like silence at his place, central heating system is not good for you. Electric heaters work silently as compared to central heating units. They just make a little noise while starting and works silently after that.
  • Working- radiant or conviction: The working of both central heating units and electric heaters are same. They both follow radiant and conviction mode of heating. The difference is the central heating system takes more time to start heating the area as compared to the electric heaters.
  • Installation: Installation of central heating system is a laborious and time-consuming process even if you have a small house. Electric heaters are simple and convenient to use. You just need to plug it in the socket before using it.
  • Running Cost: Sometimes we think that electric heaters are expensive to use but we forget that we can reduce its cost by controlling programming. The installation and maintenance of electric heaters is much lower than central heating unit.