Electric Heater Running Costs with Calculator

Electric heaters can be found in all shapes and sizes and can be used just about anywhere from room heaters, garage heaters, pool heaters and more. But how much does an electric heater cost to run? It can be difficult to understand your electric heater running costs so that’s why we developed this easy to use and free calculator below.

Simply follow the instructions and our calculator will show you the costs per hour and you can even enter a usage time in minutes or hours to see how much a heater costs when in use for a certain amount of time.

Average Electricity Prices Around The World

CountryCosts in National Currency (Per kWh)
United States$0.13
New Zealand$0.29
United Kingdom£0.14

Many electric heaters nowadays have multiple heat settings which allow you to change how hot you want your heater to be. The higher the setting the higher the energy consumption will be and the more expensive your electric heater running costs will be.

Calculating Different Electric Heater Running Costs With Examples

Say you live in North America, you pay $0.13 per kWh of electricity and have a heater with 2 heat settings at the following power output:

  • 750W
  • 1500W​

Using the table below, or calculator above, we can quickly calculate the running costs of any electric heater.

Power (W)1 Hour Running Costs ($)2 Hour Running Costs ($)3 Hour Running Costs ($)