Buying Space Heater: What to Look For

Space heaters are an efficient and convenient source to heat up small spaces or provide instant heat to large outdoor spaces. Heaters help to rise up the temperature of the spaces quickly and efficiently. Available in variety of sizes and shapes, portable space heaters your overall cost of heating up your home. You can heat the only room you are sitting in and not the entire house.

Choosing a right heater for your place is not an easy task. It needs intensive research and knowledge. You will come across a few fundamental questions like will the heater heat up your space efficiently? What will be the running cost of the heater? Be sure to check our handy heater review of the most popular handy heaters to find which one is best for you!

We have tried to answer your maximum queries from the below given information. Look for following features when you are out to buy a heater.

  • Heater type: Basically there are three types of heaters in the market which run on three different technologies: radiant, convective and micathermic. This is the first factor you need to look for while buying a space heater. Radiant heaters deliver quick, spot heating in small spaces, convection heaters heat up the room wholly and evenly and micathermic heaters offers fast and widespread heat. Select the type of heater that suits your requirement. If you have space-saving issues, you can opt for wall mounting models.
Space Heater
  • Heating capacity: The heating capacity of the heater is another important feature you need to look for before buying a heater. Consider the size of the space you need to cover first of all. A typical 1500-watt heater can cover an average sized room of 150 square feet if used as primary source of heat. It is a general rule and does not apply to every model. The heating efficiency of the heater also depends on the environmental conditions.
  • Energy efficiency: Whenever buying a space heater, it is very important to check its energy efficiency. The process of electric heating is 100% efficient. It is must to compare the energy efficiency of different models of space heaters because the models that conserve energy and maintains the low heating costs are the preference. It helps in saving the skyrocketing electric bills. The heaters with adjustable thermometers and programmable timers help in minimizing the power usage and contribute to economic operations.
  • Safety features: Space heaters can easily turn into fire hazards if not monitored properly. Secondly, the body of a few space heaters itself heats up which is an open invitation to accident especially if you have kids and pets at home. Choose the heaters that have cool-to-touch surfaces because it is an important safety feature. Also, look for models that have an internal switch that automatically switches off if heater knocked down or tipped off automatically.
  • Noise level: Who wants to get their sleep disturbed? A few electric heaters are louder than others. They emit noises that may disturb your sleep. Go for baseboard heaters or heaters that oil filled radiator for silent operations.