Lasko #100 My Heat Personal Ceramic Heater

Space heaters are an excellent option for chilly areas. My heat personal ceramic heater is a good choice to heat up your own personal space. This heater supports a range of versatile settings.

If your room is not covered under central heating system properly or the heat of the central heating system is insufficient, you can use this standalone heater to add some extra warmth.

It stands out to be good for individuals who are working in desk jobs or want to add extra warmth in front of Television. It simply means that you can install it anywhere you want more heat. Be sure to not miss our full review on the most popular handy heaters.

Read on to analyze the features and construction of My Heat Personal Ceramic Heater.


  • Design and material: The size and design of a heater is very important to assess its functionality and capacity. Lasko personal ceramic heater is great for personal use. It provides safe ceramic heating and includes built in safety features like overheat protection. The ETL listed product provides cool touch housing. The dimensions of the heater are 3.8 x 4.3 x 6.1 inch (L x W x H). It does not need any kind of assembling and can be used straight out of the box. It comes with 3 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Power: This is an energy saving model and uses only 200 watt power. It heats up the room pretty quickly which is amazing for such a small heater. It concentrates on personal warmth. The self-regulating ceramic element of the heater ensures personal safety.
  • Cost-efficient: Being small it consumes a very limited power and hence runs on a limited cost. It helps you save lots of money.
  • Portability: The heating unit is small, compact and lightweight. It is provided with a handle for carrying. You can carry it along to your work or while you are travelling. The surface of the heater remains cool even after running continuously for hours. Hence, it is easy to move it around.
  • Price: This portable heater is available at a very nominal cost. The cost of it is low so you do not need to think twice before buying it.


  • It is a totally portable and mobile heat source. You can carry it along anytime.
  • Being lightweight and compact, it is easier to carry it around.
  • It produces a grand amount of heat for such a small heater.
  • The small size of the heater makes it convenient to store it and use it.


  • It really does not heat the air around it hence it cannot heat the whole room but a limited space.
  • It can work for a single person only not meant for two or more.

My heat personal ceramic heater will serve your personal needs in the best way. It will keep you warm and cozy without burning a hole in your wallet. Its superior features make it one of the best choices among all personal budget heaters. If your´e on the other hand looking for a more powerful premium heater, we recommend you to check out this one!

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